Feedback on Abandon Simulator Map!`

Hello Everyone! I have been working on a map for my game and I would like some feedback on it! It is a map inspired off a simulator map, but the catch is is abandon! I think it looks of but I think it could be a lot better. I am not rlly a builder, but this map I wanted to try my hand at! I know that it needs some small little details like spider webs and other things, but I don’t know what? Here is a picture -

If you have an opinion please let me know I have been working on this for a few hours! Because I am not used to building Lol

Thanks! Have a Great Day!

Edit: I have changed the bright green to a dark green and make it Grass!

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I’m not so sure on what you mean by “Abandon”? Is it like the map has an abandoned feel to it or do you abandon something in the simulator? Also, I think you could change the dirt color as well to make it darker. Keep up the good work! :+1:


Thanks, what I mean is like a broken down simulator map. Kind of like a broken down/abandoned amusement park!

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I think you should make the ground and wall colors a bit darker. Trees should be bigger and they’re material should be smooth plastic. You should make the bridge color “pine cone”.
It’s a decent build for a beginner. But I think that you can make better when you get more experienced on it. Have a good day.

It looks quite basic. Try putting more effort In and more details. Also, add texture it looks plain.

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The whole ground looks like it is toxic water. Consider texturing the ground.

In my opinion, its way too bright, and like @ToonShader said, texture the ground.

You could use a long meshpart brick colored green as the grass (I think it’d look nice in your map)
Overall your map is nice, especially for a beginner at building. The map doesn’t seem too run down or abandoned to me, you could add broken looking parts and such.

Thank you for the help! I rlly appreciate it!

I made some parts fall of the buildings when the map is chosen to give it more of a broken look. I do need to add a bit more detail tho! I made the grass a grass texture and made it a dark green too! Thanks for the help!

I agree with you too! Thanks for the help!