Feedback on Admin Panel

Hello Developers,

I was recently working on an admin panel (I’m sure some of you know), and I just completed it. It currently has 3 commands, Ban, Kick, and Warn. Ban and Kick are logged in Google Spreaadsheets, but everything (including warns) is logged at client too. The Admin Panel also provides info about the player too.

Video Demonstrating Panel:

Please keep in mind this UI was built in a hurry!

Any Feedback is Appreciated,


Looks great! The UI is a bit basic but I’m guessing you will go back and fix it when you have more time. It’s very neat that you linked it to a google spread sheet and it saves the information on the player. This is very good! will you ever make it opensource or continue with this? Maybe a paid thing? I would really like to know more information on this project! :happy3:

Love it! Make this a model pls, I’ve been looking on how to make this for a while now!

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Thanks for the feedback, and yes I might make this a free model!


I’ll be releasing this once the UI is finished, meanwhile keep an eye out!


@toyuniversity, I just realized that I didn’t show the Unban Menu

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That would be slightly important, but this is really nice and clean in my opinion.

I really like it! yeah the unban menu important.

I know the logs exist but you should make something such as a “criminal record” which is every kick, ban, and warn they got from an admin that also saves.


Excellent scripting, but UI is a bit basic and the gradient is not that good, I can help you with some UI Design. You can DM me at Ey3r1s#6942.

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When you got your account info there in the panel, it said you were 673 years old? It looks like an error, or is it that you’re 673 y old? (probably you’re not)

It’s in days, using AccountAge

I will be looking forward to that!

I’ve seen a lot of UI created panels for game admin, and this one might look basic but it does stand out to an extent where it looks clean. If you would like a suggestion for the UI design, try adding shadows or borders for the text and buttons. I am not specialized in UI designing, but I can say personally from myself you did a very great job in my eyes. Well done! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback!
Actually this UI was built in a hurry, not sure if you saw the message in the post :eyes:
Borders don’t work with UiCorners, but I could work on shadows.

Not a big fan of all the gray.

I recommend sticking to a Color, shade, and accent.

Maybe make the logs more detailed. Otherwise it seems okay.

Ah, I just saw that, and yes shadows for UI would be very cool.

When I talk about borders, you could just overlap or background the UI interaction buttons and panel with RGB if you wanted to, but otherwise I am interested in seeing what this will bring to the table!

Oh ok, now I get it.

I am ready and have prepared some GUIs.

ui is bad
good panel but lacks features