Feedback on Administration Panel

I made this panel for xC0DER thats why his name is in the picture, nothing really fancy to it, just made it out of studio and just looking feedback as I have recently started to develop my UI skills.

What would be a easy to use photo editing software I could use to create images to make my more advanced?



I really like this panel design, it looks very ‘modern’, and there are only two things you could change, the first one is the health bar, maybe you could make the color slightly darker, and the second one the the back/exit button, I think that you could also make it a bit darker, but overall, wonderful admin panel!

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This is a great panel! To answer your question about photo editing, I would say the cheapest one will be paintDotNet , for basic editing and designing. And if you’re looking for a subscription based app, Go for Adobe Photoshop What I would truly recommend is Affinity Designer , for a one-time purchase license, you’ll get almost all the tools you’ll need for graphical design.

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Thank you for the feedback! I will be sure in the future to try and make my colour scheme more fit in, I will also check out those photo editing softwares.

It looks nice and formal, I don’t recommend using images, it would most likely ruin the “formal” design. I would give this a 7.8/10.

Keep it up.

To be honest I can’t say much I think should be different. Maybe it any round the edges but that’s it.