Feedback on Airport Exterior

Currently working on an airport as practice for scripting and building

What props can I add to the exterior to make it better or what do I need to change?

Thank you for the feedback!


First of all, amazing job. I like the lighting and the general shape of the building.

Now, I would add plants outside and maybe trees. Like in a little section.
Ignore my bad building skills (it was rushed lol.

I think adding mainly more plants would make it look more alive, and more welcoming.


Thanks for the feedback!

Here is the airport with the vegetation, I think it does make it look better.


Perhaps the name of the terminal

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The building itself is very simple and the detail is consistent. Nice work!
Since it is an airport terminal, it needs signs pointing out where the player should go to catch a flight.
Here is an example:

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Where could I place those signs?

Propped near the windows, where you can also add doors that lead to the airport lobby.

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It has a very simple design that looks nice but the lampposts and the bike racks seem overused and it needs some stuff inside the building.

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Here is the terminal with your suggestions so far, Thanks for the feedback!


You may add some natural decorations such as trees, bushes, plants in a pot. You can also add some cars on the road and add more details to the road. Fill out the empty space.

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Yes, that’s what I meant lol
You pulled it off!

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Just add some more detail.

Looks Great!

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Cool and u should add more stuff that will be great.