Feedback on alive obstacles obby

Hi all, i am new here and some last days i work on my first game. I know, it is only obby, but little different than others (so many living obstacles).

This is a different style of obby. It is not one whole big section of obstacles, but only time challenges, containing 5 - 10 obstacles. Some obstacles are alive and randomly moving / changing.

When you jump through the start entrance, the timer starts. Then it stops at the end of the last obstacle.

Live obstacles:
robloxapp-20200615-0946169.wmv (1.4 MB) robloxapp-20200615-0946435.wmv (1.4 MB) robloxapp-20200615-0947121.wmv (848.8 KB)

So I would like to ask your opinion, what do you think about that?

Very thanks for every feedback


I definitely think your obstacle course is rage inducing (I just tried it out!) I enjoyed the toughness and unique game-play, but I noticed a few times that the checkpoint wouldn’t save my location (Maybe the checkpoint wasn’t big enough, or I just jumped over it somehow?)

Another thing I noticed was that after a song had finished playing, it would take a little bit until the next song would be played, maybe decrease the gap in-between songs?

Love the uniqueness with the moving blocks! Great scripting!


I was try solve checkpoint problem, and i think now is working properly.

I will check music playlist. I think i was select bad songs with quiet places.

Very thanks for playing and feedback :slight_smile: i really appreciate it

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So, what do you think? :slight_smile:

Some of live obstacles:

I was change a little game feeling, add new challenges and more features :slight_smile:

So what you think? :slight_smile:

Still working on Obby challenges. Yesterday i was created first Easy obstacle course for all players, not only for hardcore :slight_smile:

Today I added the possibility to buy super abilities (speed and jump) to the obby. It is also possible to purchase a GamePass which will add 3x more money for rewards.

New update today with new Easy track.

WOW, i really like all the obstacles. Despite the fact that it seems to be a little difficult i think that you have done a great work. :+1: :+1:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: yes, these obstacles are difficult, so i will add more easiest in future :slight_smile:

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Nice first game! I found a glitch where dying in the lobby would send me to my last checkpoint (after finishing). Might want to fix that, otherwise good job!

Certainly frustrating, though it is actually a pretty enjoyable niche. Certainly among the “better” live obstacles I’ve seen in games :slight_smile:

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I added an restriction system to the challenges. You must first complete a few simple runs before Hard challenges can be unlocked :slight_smile:

I try this approach because a lot of people go to Hard first and then give up - yeah, it’s very hard :slight_smile:

I need feedback if it’s okay. Or should I have chosen another way?

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Still working on my OBBY Challenges. I’m trying to figure out how to make people stay in the game for more than 10 minutes.

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New updates!!!