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Hello, my name is Alland75. I am looking for some feedback on my clothing I have created. I am a new designer, and I am trying to find the best feedback possible on some of my clothing I have made so far.



I still am not proud of everything I made, and I am still looking for help to improve my clothing design. If you do give feedback, that will be very much appreciated. Thanks! (Also I know one of the template doesn’t have a watermark.)

On a scale to 1-10, how do you feel about my clothing designs?

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I’ve personally voted 3/10 but I’ve noticed there was nobody that bothered to reply to this thread soo i guess I’ll be the first to actually give constructive criticism :grin:

  • First off I got to say, not everybody tries to shade their clothing and that is good for a start, however the shading is too strong and only really goes one direction, which is downward.
    I highly dont recommend using a cloth texture for the shading since that ends up looking funky if its scaled down, I suggest using a brush with very low opactity and brushing it to different directions on where the shirt would be wrinkled, You can also blur + use the properties to make the shading blend with the shirt better.

  • The neckhole and the collar of the neckhole are off centered, you can fix this by copy + pasting one side and then flipping it to the other, half of the top of the torso is 64x64 for reference

  • Adding Decals/Texts on shirts do give it that boost…if they are the right size and placed correctly. The examples you shown (specifcally the pumpkin shirt and the PINK shirt has the pictures either too low and or a BIT large for the front of the torso, recommend scaling it down a notch

  • This last part is sort of an opinion but the sleeve size just seem weird, like it’s not really long but they arent short either. With most games using the R15 Rig shirt sleeves in that specific length just dont show up well if the arm were to be bent since it’d just look really strange/glitched.
    This is how long I would personally make the sleeves; in the picture below, the red is showing a range on how short i would make a short sleeved shirt be, and the blue being how long a long sleeve shirt would be if i were to make it.

Make sure to keep designing~


Thanks all for the helpful tips! Sorry I couldn’t reply faster.