Feedback on already released game


A few months back, I released a game called Package Simulator. I was wondering if I could get feedback on the game, as it took a large amount of time to make but was ultimately unsuccessful at ever gaining a playerbase. The failure could be in part due to exploiters coming in and cheating, and thus downvoting the game due to being banned. However, I’m still wondering if this game was a waste of time to begin with or could have been successful at all. Any criticism/feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Package Simulator

Love the game, but I feel not many people would be interested in packaging.

Here is some feedback:

  • It takes a long time to deliver packages to houses
  • The speed boost when you press “V” in a car was never really explained
  • Haven’t got very far in the game, but it looks like the “tutorials” are just GUIs with text. Maybe some camera movement to where things are would help.
  • There is no “shift to sprint” making it hard to walk to places. Although there is a car, you still have to walk sometimes to get to places.
  • You have to only use “E” to get out of cars. I feel like the space bar should also let the player out of a vehicle. Jumping out with space has been a standard in many games that have cars such as Jailbreak.
  • The map is massive. Although it looks cool, it makes players feel overwhelmed from the start of the game.
  • When you deliver a package many +100s pop up on the screen. Although this is cool, I would have one pop up that shows the money amount given. I feel like if you progressed the game enough, filling the screen up with +100s or whatever amount would get annoying. ( Pop ups setting also doesn’t work right now )
  • Maybe adding more car customization

These are somethings I found or wanted to say about the game from to 10 to 20 minutes of me playing the game.

Anyways, I enjoyed the game and I hope you get some more players. Nice game.
( also might be grammar issues idk )

Thank you for the feedback, I really do appreciate it. :slight_smile: