Feedback on an amogus GFX (couch scene)

What do you think?

And here’s the original render if anyone’s interested.

Did I re-create the scene well?

  • Naaah…it doesn’t look anything like it.
  • Good, although one or two poses might be off.
  • It looks like a perfect match! Amazing!

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Does it look better without the added shading/effects?
  • Well sorta
  • Yes 100%
  • No it looks 100x better with the effects.
  • They both look OK

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PS: I didn’t have a specific use for them when I made it so if anyone is interested in getting it just shoot me a dm and we can arrange an accord


Looks very nice but it does look like power rangers in a way but other then that good work.

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all the images you provided seem blurry

That’s odd. Only the third one is slightly blurry.
Are you sure the problem is with me? It might still be loading

i think the problem is for me. funny monitor moment

it seems pretty good, ur gfx

When the imposter is sus ! Good