Feedback on an Animation

Hello Fellow Devs! I have just started to try and animate in roblox. I need some help with my recent animation.

  1. What do you want to achieve? I am trying to make an animation that looks good, and makes sense.

  2. What is the issue? I just think my animation that I make, looks very strange and weird.

  3. What solutions have you thought of so far? I have tried moving some parts of the body. But nothing really makes it look better.

Any feedback at all is much appreciated, is there any way to like scale/make parts bigger?


Can you please use ShareX, record it and edit it?

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probably shouldn’t be using links like that, use something like YouTube and make it so only people with link can view so only people who went threw dev forums and see your post will watch it if u don’t want others seeing it. If you don’t want to use YouTube try something like Gyazo. But on the animation itself just try to make it more smooth.

I have made it into a youtube video.

I made it into a youtube video for easier viewing. What do you mean by making it smooth? I’ve tried to re do it and make it smoother, is this any better? Is there any way that you can add objects or particles to the animation?

What is this animation supposed to be about? To me this animation looks like the player is ducking for cover and covering its head ,knowing this animation would be very helpful in helping you out.

In the video at 0:05 - 0:06 the arms seems to move in just about 1 frame while the other animations are very smooth and move at multiple frames a second. Having 1 frame animation is fine which depicts a style of animation(like stop motion animation) but looking at this animation looks odd as I see the movement.

For a game I am working on with some friends, we have abilities and of the abilities is “Swim”. This animation is meant to be someone diving into the water, I didn’t do the actual diving part. Because I wanna make sure I understand how to animate and nail the first part, before I go onto the harder part.

A good tip for making an animation is to sometimes start over on an animation to see if you can get it right, and here’s a list that might help you as an animator.

  • Try using more frames and different poses
  • try to expand on your poses by exaggerating it
  • ALWAYS use a sort of reference. Using references would help you make your animations more fluid and natural (this could be a video of someone swimming or a picture,ect)

What i meant by more smooth is make the movements flow better in the animation and less like snapping into place kind of. Also if thats supposed to be diving the hands only go forward after they already jumped so the legs should of moved already .