FeedBack on an Artwork

Hi, i’m jusheiy! . If interested feel free to message on twitter . @jusheiy


Looks really good, keep it up!.

Thanks for the Feedback. Appreciate!

Looks pretty nice, the “hand” looks like its been cut off and the accessories are a bit big. Also, make your watermark bigger and more noticeable because people will just crop it

thank you luxorz, really appreciate!

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I agree with @Luxorz but In overall, I like it :+1:

I really like the design of this. Like Luxorz mentioned, the hats are a bit big, other than that, swell job!

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Wow that is stunning! Maybe raise the hand higher and make your watermark bigger. You don’t want people stealing your amazing work. Love the details :heart: Can’t wait to see more!

Looks amazing! This is what a lot of Roblox commissioners look for when in need of an artist