Feedback on an icon i made

Hello! So I took another try at making an icon for my hospital, without using
Please give feedback and suggestion!

There isn’t a white line their in the actual picture, it’s just where I screen shot it. And I was thinking about a hotel as well so I accidentally put hotel before :joy:

Nice, I love the starburst background matching your blue theme, some improvment points.

  • Maybe add some scatered blue windows, because currently its one and that looks a bit ‘off’ image

  • Some of the black background is a bit weird. image There is a poking out bit, not sure if you can see it though.

Excellent improvments from the last GFX I saw from you, I can’t wait for what you have in stock in the future.

-uD0ge :dog:

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This is good, but I would consider changing the windows to yellow to represent light coming from the inside but overall this is good, cant wait for what you cook up next
Edit: Thanks for heart @whatul00king_at

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I agree they are a bit slanted

This is definitely looking better than before. The burst is cool, and the hospital is awesome. One problem I have with this is the outline on the text isn’t smooth. Try smoothing that out, also try getting new fonts! I suggest for this, again.

Yes, I use for my GFXs, it is a very good site

I think that the opacity of the starburst is too high, consider changing it to 0.7 or 0.8.