Feedback on an island logo

Spent around half an hour on this, what do you guys think? (tree’s are not mine, just there for reference until I create my own, I am still learning!)


Any feedback would be much appreciated!


Looks nice, the area around the S looks a bit odd, though. Maybe try and add a background too! Maybe it could be a blurred area of your game or something.

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Your island logo is great!
I just don’t like it so much that there is a watermark in front of the island logo.
Keep working on it! :happy1:

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Which area do you mean? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words.

The watermark is to avoid people stealing it as I will be using it for my own project, but thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Looks good also very appealing!

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Your welcome! Have a nice day! :happy1:

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Thank you; I have now updated the logo with a water background.

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I feel like the space between VOICE and CHAT is too large, I would make it half as large but still leave a little space

I think it better if you placed it on the right bottom corner.

I see what you mean, I can look to shorten the distance of the space, thanks. :slight_smile:

The watermark must cover the logo in order for it to be unusable; if I put it on the corner, it won’t cover and protect the logo from being stolen.