Feedback on an Old Horror Game I Made

Hello there, since I am new here, I thought about asking for feedback on my old games which includes showcases I created before joining the Dev Forum. The game I am asking for Feedback is a Short Horror Game I created a few months ago. Note, the game should take around 30 seconds to 1 minute, that’s how short it is. What’s the game about? Well, you step out of the elevator, going to your apartment room, only to find out it lead to another hallway that begins to feel creepy and dark and the room start changing as you progress forward. Please give honest feedback towards about the game while playing it. There is a “surprise” at the end when you reach to the “door”.

Game Link:The Continuous Hallway [Read desc] - Roblox

Some Screenshots I took:

2nd Loop

1st Loop

leads to the 2nd Hallway, then leads to the 3rd hallway which is the ending of the game.
Hallway, props, models, decals are all built and made by me.


It’s decent, theres not much to interact with though.

The text walks off the screen on mobile and the jumpscare screen gui doesn’t cover it fully.

Since I am on PC. The text doesn’t walk away on the screen, and I can’t make the black screen to cover the entire screen because in studio, it does let me scale all the way and cover the whole entire screen, but for some reason when I test it out in game it doesn’t. However I really appreciate the feedback, I will try to fix the text so Mobile players can fully see the text even though I haven’t updated this game in a while.

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To make the UI full screen, the ScreenGui instance has a IgnoreGuiInset or something lile that property. Set it to true. Also I recommend this plugin for fixing your not centered game. I am not a fan of horror games but I’d say this one is pretty good.