Feedback on ancient Greek memorial

Another study I decided to go forward with after I randomly got the image off my laptop’s start up wallpaper.

I did some investigating to track back to the original location of which the picture was taken and found out it was the Philippeion, Archaia Olympia, Greece. The remains of an ancient Greek memorial. The key things I wanted to work on were demolition as it would be my first attempts using Roblox’s system plugin (F3X)

While I myself am not too proud of this build as it started to showcase the limitations of F3X and having a limited amount of shapes to work with. I wanted to know what kind of feedback I would get from the community.

TL:DR - I made a demolished Greek memorial and want to know your feedback on it.


Looks pretty good and I love the Pillars! You should add Textures tho (or even the Roblox Materials). Also, you could try making the Pillars seem damaged by adding little broken edges, and you could also make the top of the Pillars not be straight.

Btw, is this an actual Greek Memorial or is it custom made and inspired by our Memorials? Have a good day also! :happy3:


looks great… just a bit too clean for an ancient building. add cracks, dirt, etc


It looks pretty cool. And also like @Brylan_Leske said to add cracks and etc., do that…


looks really good, maybe add a few small little touches to it so it looks more aged :slight_smile:

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Really good job, especially pillars! But I think cream color is better than gray for ancient Greek things. Also some cracks would be great.


Adding on to that, I would suggest making the material “limestone”. It would look way better.

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This is good feedback.

The build is actually already textured in the screenshots! And as far as damages and ledges and cracks I’ve been working on those simply because I never really understood how to incorporate damage into my builds. However I recently came up with some ideas and I plan to add them in as soon as I can to produce the final piece.

This is an actual Greek Memorial, I tried to stay as accurate as I could, the pillars are actually still standing straight at current times which is why I didn’t alter them in any way!

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There are “some” cracks on the actual sides of the build but the lighting may make it harder to notice. (Image3). However I agree it is a bit too clean on the demolition side of things and I will definitely attend to that when I get a better understanding of f3x!


Not sure if the surrounding area is going to be where you plan to put this, but if it is, you should try to add some terrain. I feel like it would pair well with this build!

People already mentioned the fact that it’s missing some damage to it… which I can agree with. It seems a bit too rigid.

I went on Google Earth to look for this and some texture could be implemented to demonstrate wear and tear. This would also help naturalize the color scheme currently implemented.

Good luck!

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I definitely plan on adding terrain, I’ve been conducting a terrain study so I can start adding more life to my builds. So that is definitely my next steps when I revisit this project.

When it came to replicating the build to its full capacity I didn’t feel that I had much knowledge on doing so, as my attempts made the build feel weird and just looked pretty off, so some wear and tear features are missing as of right now.

Because I was building this in an Experience instead of in Roblox Studio I didn’t have access to the usage of Booleans or Plugins and plan to use that to address some demolition tactics.

Thank you for the feedback!