Feedback On Animated logo

What yall think about this:

for one of my games :slight_smile:

Ignore the compression

Erratic Engineering


how did you make that?

– it looks great! it is a bit grainy though if thats part of the actual thing i would fix it.

Looks pretty good! Nothing I would change, but I feel like there is too much going on!

The colors are amazing and it’s weel done, I don’t think that you can add something more. It’s perfect the way it is. But, what program you used to make it?

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The grainy-ness is the compression algorithm keeping the data down, the original copy doesn’t have this.


Yea I agree, it’s a bit mental I just had to keep it under 10MB

So I drew it in Illustrator, then took all the components and animated it in After effects

Great! I love the color scheme and simple animations! The background of it goes well with the elements in your creation. I do have 2 questions:

  1. When the full logo is shown and zooms out, it looks like there are other letters. Is this with intention or…?

  2. What app/program did you use to create this? Looks fantastic!

So not to create clipping on the edges of the orginal items I’ve created a sort of mirroring. As for the program, I drew it in Illustrator, and animated it in After Effects

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Wow! How did you learn to make this? I’m not sure whether it’s just an issue with the animation but I can’t see the full words while the gear is spinning.