Feedback on Animation

Hello Developers,

I was recently working on a new game, which I wanted to have a cutscene for. I created an animation on one of the characters and will be adding more.


Oh, and just a quick note; This game is gonna be a defend a point and other team attack kind of game, but more realistic.

Any Feedback is appreciated,

It looks really good! Nice job!

If you weren’t thinking about it, you could add some markers on the animation at certain times, so you could script it to make a gun flash particle when the gun shoots a bullet. It’d be a nice touch, don’t you think?

Yes indeed! Thanks for suggesting the idea, I’ll add it soon!

Thanks for the feedback, really helps.

my only critizims are just the music other than that the animation is good. have you tried animating avatars like these?

Maybe try some of that, but they need to have objects attached to them (they are called Skinned meshes please look up what they are and see tutorials on yt before doing stuff lol it will save you) thats my suggestion

Uhh, my answers are as follows:

  1. No, that music was in the background while I was working in Roblox Studio and got recorded.
  2. I’m trying to recreate the iconic R6 feel, tbh I don’t support realistic characters in Roblox. They’re hard to animate and plus my computer sucks so can’t make them or use them either.

Looks good but something’s off. In a scene where you are shooting and being shot at, you would look tense and all. In your animation, there is little to no tension at all. The rig just looks calm.

The rig’s aren’t supposed to have emotion, they’re just like brain-deads going into battle almost.

Thanks for the feedback, I may improve on tense part I suppose…

But, this is my 4th animation in my entire developing career.

To be honest your work’s good and I may not fully support Rthro’s but it’s best if you can practice as well on other types of characters in Roblox, my only feedback for the animation, maybe make the shot animation, like before he lies down more visible and slower than the character instantly falling down, maybe add at least a shot animation like he should be holding his torso where he was shot for a second then falls down, however great work on the animation, really like it honestly

Oh, well everything that you listed to improve on, is already in the animation.
The reason that the character falls down quick is because someone from the raider team is going to kick him. At 0:04 to 0:05, you can see that the character is responding to being shot. After that, he gets kicked down.

ahh okay, Also realistic characters arent hard to create (exept in blender or other softwares) and Realistic characters on roblox doesnt ruin anything at all.
I love your anim tho.

Its good although one thing, are you going to use the death animation separately? another thing to note is the fact that the RIG reloads before the shooting animation, so I am wondering if these are 3 separate animations? But overall, 8/10!

Okay, here are my answers:

  1. Yes, there will be another death animation that plays after this one.
  2. The gun isn’t being reloaded, the rig is just chambering another round.
  3. Nope, only 2.