Feedback on animation

so i made an animation for the first time but im not sure if its any good. do you have any feedback.

P.S im using this for a game so i can change it if its not good


it is pretty good start but animation is similar with R6 animation. but still good start…

That’s a great animation for hammer! There somethings you may improve the animation within R15. R6 have very simple animation you can use. But keep it up!

um, it is r15.

must have30characters

Uh, I didn’t say that’s R6. I’m giving suggest for you to use R6 for very simple animation. R15 have more detailed animation you can use, but that’s my opinion.

oh om so i changed the animation and now it looks like this:

is it better like this?

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or should i keep it like before?

i think im gonna use this.


Good start, heres a tip for animation:

  • When animating, keep in mind that (most of the time) the whole body moves together. Put yourself in the character’s position; become the character. For example, imagine yourself doing whatever animation you want. Then, implement your action into the animation.
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It’s a pretty good start so far, keep it up man!