Feedback on Anime Flight Ability

Hello! I’m looking for some feedback as a beginner-intermediate scripter on this anime flight ability.
Is there anything I can improve on? Let me know in the replies. Thanks!
The video is linked below:


looks pretty cool, but somehow it looks like the fire started immediately when the player first starts flight

HEliCoptEr hElICoptER

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Thanks! The fire-ring particle at the beginning represents the lift-off of the move, sort of like a rocket. :smile:

Looks really nice, I especially like the fire ring when you start flying, my one suggestion is that you should play a flying animation while using the ability. :slight_smile:


Yes I agree, I think that the player should jump, and after a half second the ability starts.

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Thanks! I did not add an animation because that was how the character in the anime (Sabo in One Piece) looked to me when he used the ability. But I will definitely take that suggestion!

It’s overall cool but heres some stuff that will make it cooler.

  • Add smoke when the player first fly’s then once the fire comes out, they get a simultaneous boost
  • Slightly tilt the character for more realism.

Hope the project goes well for you, have a good day!

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Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! I will take these tips into account. This ability isn’t actually in any project of mine and is just for practice. Thanks!