Feedback on Another Cartoony House

I created another house for a showcase I’m working on. Please let me know what you think!

Screenshot (22)


I noticed quite a lot of errors in your build. All of the orange circles are misaligned parts. Use this plugin to fix them instantly.


In addition to the points already covered by @Crazedbrick1, I think it’s quite important you look towards adding more shape and detail to your work.

For example, the door currently only looks to be comprised of two brown parts, and this lack of detail doesn’t distinguish these parts as the door very well. To give you an example of what I’m talking about, below you’ll find a door I created during a small project which has since been abandoned:


Since this build was intended to be low-poly I didn’t go overkill on the level of detail, but you can sort of see how I began to shape the door with the handles and the glass; the bushes in the pots were an extra piece of work I added just to emphasise where the entrance to the building was, and to make it look a little nicer. It would be incredibly beneficial if you looked towards adding more depth to your work in a similar manner.

These same points apply to your window; it’s very basic. I would strongly recommend you use reference images to structure your work so you get a better idea of where you should be adding detail and depth; for beginner builders it can be extremely difficult to create builds off the top of your head, but working from reference images would help to give you the confidence necessary to implement much more and much nicer looking detail.

Coincidentally, I’ve also recently created a window which might give you some more insight into what I’m talking about.


I tried to layer this window across three separate layers; the glass (although it’s neon), the thin parts on the inside, and the frame. Again, I did this to add both detail and depth to my build, making it feel more alive and life-like. I would advise you attempt to do the same thing for your window; try to add more shape to it so it looks much nicer.

The grey parts you’ve added at the bottom of the pieces of wood on the side of the house are a nice touch; more small, subtle details like this around the rest of the build would serve the work very well. Generally speaking, if you work towards enriching your builds with more detail, the quality of your work will definitely increase.

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That’s so good and Cool!!!