Feedback on another GFX?

Made this one 4 months ago lol


Great! I have no experience in this area so I am unbiased here. I think it looks nice!

The graphic is alright. I will list out some things to point out.

  • There is a massive amount of red in this piece. Try changing the skybox to a more natural color, while the character stays the same.
  • The font color doesn’t match the artwork.
  • The red circle accessory messes with my perception somehow.
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It’s not bad, the arms/pose is a bit off and the lighting would be better if you would use area light while placing it at the back and then just having the point light in front as a lava source of light.
Other than that it’s pretty good.

The reason it is red is because the client asked for extreme amounts of red.

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There is no lava though… Do you see any?