Feedback on another logo design

Any constructive feedback is much appreciated!

I made this just off the top of my head (not for anything/anyone specific) just for some practice before doing my own commissions. I use PDN because it’s free and PS is overrated.

Also made this shortly after;

I’m likely to start commissions soon, so to practice I’ll be looking to do a few logo’s for free when I get the time. Watch this space. :slight_smile:


The text just going straight feels a bit weird. Perhaps you could curve the text a bit. That way it also takes up less space if you put it in a game icon, allowing it to be resized larger and become more visible.

Also, I think only one rocket somewhere around the middle would do better than 2 on each side. You could have problems with fitting it in a game icon and you’d have to cut out a bit of the image.

Apart from that, everything else is great - The colors, font, and icons.


The curved text idea is something I might try out, you’re right about it providing more visibility. The rocket I did try to do behind the text, but I just couldn’t quite get it to look right. Appreciate the feedback though! :slight_smile:

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Looks cool, it’s just the stroke around the text and the colour scheme. I think the mix of green and blue along with yellow don’t suit each other. Plus, the stroke seems to have a bit of noise to it, I’m not sure if that’s intentional but it’d look better without it. Other than that, cool logo. :+1:

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Looks brilliant! I love it! Better than anything I could make :joy:

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Thanks; I made another logo which probably seems more clearer in terms of colour scheme for someone not long after;

The green is because of the gradient making it look green, no green was actually used aha!


Appreciate the kind words, anything for improvement? :slight_smile:

The colors are kind of off, I don’t really know tho, maybe change them?

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It looks cool, but I’m not really liking all the smudge shading on the text. Either keep it solid colors, or change it to be more of a colored gradient (ex: instead of gray/black make it yellow for “make” and pink for "friends)

Oh, that explains it.

The new icon looks good, its mix blends in really well. I advise experimenting more with 3d text, get a bit creative and see what you can make.

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I’ll keep this in mind on my next logo :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve been experimenting with a lot of PDN plugins to make that, so a lot of them i’m unfamiliar with still. Will take the feedback on board for my next logo! :slight_smile:

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As a professional Logo / Graphic Designer on the Roblox Platform, I feel like the stroke is WAY too big for my liking or the customers in my opinion. I recommend, sizing it down to maybe 10 or 12. Also make the stroke colour black to give it a more vibrant feel rather than a pastel colour. I also recommend to not add white lighting to vectors and making it blur. It ruins the whole text. Hope this helps!! :star_struck:

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Noted; not familiar with what vectors are, could you elaborate?

Rather than having a love letter, put something related to love like flowers, love shaped chocolate ect. Just something RELATED to the logo in my opinion and the theme. Also you can put stuff beside the text by the filling of the text like a cookie with the bits around the inside to spice it up!

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lol eso es asombroso que applicaciones utilizaste para hacerlo?

Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

I made a new addition;

Your logos are great, but there is a problem in my opinion. Your logo has a watermark of your name.
This is cool for copyrights, but bad for the vision. Anyways I like your logos, keep working on them! :happy2:

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