My 4th logo attempt (feedback pls)

So, I have been doing logos for the past month, using PDN to design them and here is my latest creation (it did take me about 2 hours to do, I re-done the background A LOT).

In comparison to my first logo attempt done about 2 weeks ago;

What do we think? I’m really happy with my improvements, but still on board with feedback! :wink:


Maybe you could gain further feedback by making me one.


I can do you an order for sure! :slight_smile:

Can you let me know how much you charge for logos? Thanks!

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At the moment I’m currently practicing, but I am looking to range my prices between 1.5-2.5k, depending on style and detail I provide.

Would you say that’s a fair price range?

very talented! Both are extremely well done (:

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Much appreciated; think it’s a big improvement from my first attempt! :slight_smile:

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