Feedback on Apocalyptic Military Bunker

Hi once again, I have built an abandoned structure in my desert heaven. It took me bits and hours out of a whole day to mostly complete this, I’m still working on it however I would like any ideas about what to add.
It includes deactivated turrets, sandbags, debris, an indoor corridor, an outdoor modeled mini-gun and other random junk that I think neatly settles the idea of wasteland.
Of course I tried to balance the rust too much or too little is never good but yeah.
(again car meshes are not mine)


Looks great! I don’t believe there is anything that would require improvement.

Looks good, maybe add some rusty signs, toxic waste barrels, more chipped away or scratched paint. the texture looks good but near the bottom of the green texture on the bunker it looks a little too new in comparison with the rest of it.

Thank you very much! I though I could add a guard post for it

Yes true the texture does look new, textures are fun to use but not always reliable.

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