Feedback on Armor Set

I started an armor set in Blender a few weeks ago, I finished it today.
Its based on Seiya, from Saint Seiya.
Last time I forgot to say that its a magic armor, so, it isnt necessary to cover the body as a real one.
Is there anything that I can improve?
Do you like it?
Any feedback is useful.
The image I used:

The Armor Set:

Have a nice day.


I like it a lot the only thing I’d have to say maybe is add some gold armor trim to give some more depth. Good work over all! :smiley:

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Thanks for your feedback, I´ll do it!

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Looks pretty nice, I’m pretty sure the right wing of armor is larger than the left. Perhaps add a metallic texture? I’m curious, how long did this take to make? good job

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It looks great! I like the design of the armor and the little attachments on the arms and near the waist, and the color choice is good as well.

Good work! :happy2:

Took 5 hours, was difficult, but, theres nothing imposible!

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Thanks!, soon I´ll be doing more armor sets!

Really like the armor set! I would pay 200-300 robux for that. Keep up with the amazing work! :tada:

I knew the armor from your last post was Seiya’s Pegasus armor! I just think you need to add more color to the armor.

Thanks! I´ll do it! (30charss)

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That looks super good! Good job

WOW! Honestly that looks amazing. Keep up the great work!

Thanks, I´ll be modeling some more armors soon!

I think it looks great! You should definitely color the gold parts in the image you used gold in the armor. Also, make it a more metallic texture or add reflectance. Overall it looks very nice! Great work :slightly_smiling_face:

I´ll add some gols parts and set more reflectance, thanks for your feedback!

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It looks good, I would suggest smoothing it though.

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Yeah, it definitely should be smoothed. It would look cleaner.