Feedback On Artwork 2

Back with another topic!
I’ve been trying to improve my artwork.
And my decision is that my work will be drawn in this style.
Any feedback is appreciated!
From the smallest details, 'til the biggest things.
Commissions will be opened soon, around 2-3 weeks after my surgery. (surgery - 12/20/19)
Any recommendations on prices are welcome!
I preferly want to work as followed: I’ll start off with (e.g.) 500R$-1K R$.
This mean that I, for example, want at least 500R$, but, that the buyer can choose him/herself if he/she wants to pay more.

This depends on character to character. There may be people who are favorable that want to pay more than the asked price.

If you have any better thoughts, feel free to share your opinion with me!

Thanks for reading!

A few drawings of the past week(s):

-new post soon-


You art work is amazing, you have your own, original style! I love it! Not much to say though other than,

Good luck with you surgery! :smile:


Thanks a lot!
I appreciate it.


These look extremely great, but almost identical to @KxraDraws’s style.The first thought that came to my mind when I opened the images was that you stole her work. I highly doubt that you did that, but I can definitely tell that you took tons of inspiration from her. They almost look traced in my opinion.

With that being said, they look great, and I can see that you’re very good at what you do. Perhaps try finding a more unique style though.


I understand what you say.
I did get inspiration of her, indeed.
But the drawings are fully made by myself.
Mainly the position of the characters.
I’m still trying to get into my own flow to go out of hers. But eventually, I’ll get there.
Thanks for telling me.

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I like your works, well, im poor but i when i get robux maybe i will contact you, also good luck on the surgery! :+1:


Looks awesome! This is really a personal preference, but I’d recommend adding more contrasting colors.

Some of them, especially 1, look too bland in my opinion. However, I really like what you did with the third drawing; the gray, the galaxy, and yellow look really nice together.

Also, I hope you have a good surgery and a quick recovery!


Thank you for telling me, I’ll work on it!

I like Drawing 2 the best, but there all great! :smile:


I think it looks adorable, your art style is very unique, and fits well with the concept of ROBLOXians.

You could make a lot out of doing this for commissions, I wish you the best and all I can say is, improve what you think should be improved, and get better and better, if you keep trying, you will go beyond your goals and reach new heights.

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Looks great! :slight_smile: It’s really nice, and I hope to buy in the near future!

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Drawing 1 looks pretty awesome, but they are all great. Keep going on! :grinning:

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These are very good! Keep it up! :christmas_tree:

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cute and bubbly ngl

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I appreciate the kind words!