Feedback on assets for my game!


This is just the city so far.

Hello robloxians, please may i have some feedback on assets for my new game.



Trees & Decoration




I don’t expect feedback cause I’m bad at handling it. but you can talk about the game.

The buildings really improved! Great job!

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What you should do is at the building let some windows just be black and some light up, it makes it more fancy. It’s a good build btw but it could get some details.

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I’d recommend a more life like care with more features like windows. Generally yours looks bland, and uninteresting as well as far from realistic.

Trees & Decoration,
Trees look too low detail, as well as bland. Even though they’re structurally correct, it takes a lot more than just being structurally correct for a building to be considered worthwhile. Personally, I like things with texture and for it to be structurally unique (staying within reasonable bounds).

If I was to improve it, I’d add more branches, a more detailed looking trunk, and better leaf hedges.

Your lights are uninteresting and simple. It’s a simple L shape, doesn’t stand out (Even if it’s not suppose to), and it doesn’t look like it would realistically work in a real life situation. Look at some references, and change up how the light fundamentally looks. Do not go for simple geometric shapes.
Billboard applies the same.

Your buildings only consist of geometric shapes, nothing adds more depth to the overall shape. It is simply a box. You also overdid it with the lighting on the buildings. Looks more like a glowbox than it does a building.

I’d recommend adding layers, changes in angles, different textures, colors, and shapes to your building. You can look up how office buildings look like. Even those have some sort of interesting shape/outline that makes them look at the minimum not hard to look at.

My Questions for building
These are my personal questions that I’d use for when I’m building.
1. Color: Do the colors match each other? & Is there a primary, and secondary color scheme (Required), is there any additional coloring that doesn’t interfere with the main color schemes? (Optional)

2. Structure: Is it flat? Does it seem interesting? Is there a twist from the norm? Are there any angles, curves, wedges? Is there any underlying supportive buildings that may make the building look more realistic/lively? Rules: Do not make the bottom foundational floor the same as the second floor up, in addition do not make the top roof floor look the same as the floors below it. Also add a buffer shape in-between each floor.

3. Texture: Is there at least 2? Do they match each other? Does the main texture theme support the overall theme of the building? Does it blend well with your color scheme? Same applies to the secondary texture theme (Although the secondary is not always necessary)