Feedback on AWP animation

Hi guys
Im working on a new game I just wanna know if you guys like these animations



Thank you


This looks very good! :slight_smile:


I don’t do animations, but this looks very nice! Keep up the good work!

The recoil of the gun isn’t particularly sharp, it kinda looks like you’re just lifting the gun up manually.

I’d recommend studying how a gun actually moves in someone’s hand when it’s fired. A gun will usually jolt backwards a bit when its fired, even if there’s something in the way to stop it going backward.

The jolt upward should also theoretically be faster than lowering the gun so you can understand the power behind the shot via the contrast between the two motions.


I don’t know much about guns but, in the reload animation aren’t you taking out an empty mag then putting it back in?

I’d recommend that you make it so they pull the mag down to their waist an back into the gun again.
It’ll make it look like they’re not just pulling out the mag and putting it in again, but instead actually fetching a new magazine.

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It’s suppose to be like thet I’m making a carton AWP battle game

Using style as an excuse for this doesn’t make sense; even if it’s supposed to be cartoony, it looks very forced, as if the player is just lifting up their gun.

well i meant it’s not suppose to be a realistic game, it’s suppose to be more of a FUN game where you can spend time on

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Wouldn’t a cartoony style warrant doubling down on the contrast instead of not using it? Exaggerating its power beyond what is realistic?

These are really good. The pull of the bolt when you fire is great. But for the recoil you could make the arms go back to make look more powerful. :+1:

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Also make the other arm move on the reload animation.
(Sorry for another reply but I’m new and I don’t know how edit)

Alright let’s start with the top. I apologize but I don’t fluff reviews so please do not recieve or take this to mean anything personal mean. I am an animator amongst many things and the best way to get better is to learn yo take the tough love.
Firing animation

  1. It has zero weight or recoil to it
  • the initial shot should kick up at twice the speed then settle. If your fancy you can keep your timing the same but just squash and stretch frames for that and the body from the shoulder hold should actually slightly move to absorb it.
  1. Loops, now with roblox this is a touch tricky but the universal trick is animate all the way to the return frame of rest remove the last frame and pull the previous keys in its place. This makes the animation seamlessly or more seamlessly loop.

4 Detail
Rifles like that generally have a slower fire rate and if you really want to go the extra mile with subtle detail after the shot lower the rifle while you reload and let the character subtly check over the scope for impact. Watch some vids on rifle hunters.

  1. Final, dont be afraid to over exaggerate your animations. Animations are like theater if you try to go too subtle no one notices, you want your brain to see it and go “that’s legit”

  2. Your anims are stiff, this is due to no counter motion and holding stops. Counter motion us the force of movements opposing momentum. Ala in your shot your shoulders should twist left forward ever so slightly

Holding stops:

The secret to breaking out of robot animations. Understand that we as humans are never still. There is never a situation when any part of are body is truly not moving without extreme dance training and even then its not 100% holding stops ar when you want something yo stop but you let a very small motion continue or follow through from last momentum it’s very subtle but makes huge differences


If you use the style excuse with me. I won’t ever help in the future. You flat out are not skilled enough to have a style. But you have potential. But a long way of practice to go. I suggest isolating your anim types and practicing making 1 super good rifle shot, or one good punch or one hyper good jump. That journey will teach you so much about animations


Thank you ill be sure to use your ideas

All good, just remember that animation is death by 1000 cuts. It’s about the summation of many little things.

This is why it’s really important to use lots of referance, become your own worse critic, and dont forget the small stuff.

And remember as I said, you got potential, but now you need to just put the time in.

I’m still learning to animate, but this looks really well made!

I did this in about 45 mins, there are issues here for sure I can easily see at least 10 things that need improvement. The video is me working on the final part of adding more snap and forward weight on the thrust.

It’s a pretty subtle change, but if you watch start and end the original thrust is very linear, and the last one starts a tad slower and speeds up


It looks like I’m not doing anything but I’m repositioning frame timing aka squash stretch

So I own a military group of my own, so it would make sense for me to be viewing this kind of content. I am really impressed with the model and texturing, and the animation is great. However, like some people have also mentioned in their replies, the recoil looks like it is forced up by the player’s hand. Not only that but it the reloading animation it looks like you are taking out the empty mag and instantly putting it back in. In the case of the reloading animation, you can make it similar to NoCol, which in the reloading animation, the mag just falls out and stays on the floor for 3-5 seconds while the hand reaches for the waist and being out another mag.

Other than that, your animations are very good and I hope to see your work in another game some time soon. I hope this helped.

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