Feedback on Ball Based Game

I’ve been working on a game based on rolling around as a ball. I want to build onto the things I have already made before working on any new major game mechanics. At the moment the main part of the map is pretty empty and I’ve come here to ask for things people might be cool to add to the map/things that can be improved on that are there already.

Things I already plan on adding:

  • More accessories
  • Ability to change colors
  • Possibly emotes for when you are stabilized
  • Minigames, will be done in the future


Many things listed above are subject to change. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you for reading!


Yes yes. This has potential. Nothing much when it comes to the gameplay yet, but it will defentitely imrpove when you add minigames.

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Nice game, add maybe some mini games and it would be cool.

Was this inspired by “eg”

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This game looks really fun, and I can’t wait to play! Good work!

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This is a fun little idea you have here. I definitely recommend you wait until you have basic gameplay mechanics fleshed out before adding more cosmetics. Until then, get to work on those minigames and flesh out the map a bit more. Side activities such as loops or canons around the map can keep players occupied. Maybe for some minigames you could have races or some form of bumper car combat. That’s just how I would do things though.

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Yeah I gotta agree with @YonYup that this game indeed has potential! The game looks well made, has an interesting idea, and a cool UI. Keep up the great work!

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