Feedback on banner gfx

Hey there! I recently made this gfx for my portfolio. It’s actually my first time trying the messy-smudge anime style. Feedback appreciated!

(Lowered quality, initial file was too large :sweat_smile:)


Looks good but I think you should add some white particles around the character to make it look like they have an aura


Yeah, I thought about that but the quality of the image would be too big again.

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What is the thing in the top right corner? The thing the character is looking at?

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It’s a icon for procreate, a drawing software. This is for my art portfolio which I added in which software I use.

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I know what procreate is but why is it there? I didn’t know procreate had a watermark… If you put it there I would remove it, it gets in the way.

Its basically to tell others that i use procreate for my work

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Looks awesome, The only thing I would change would be the logo at the top right, It’s distracting and kind of takes away from the banner feel. 8.5/10

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Yeah ill be removing it after i make a commission sheet.

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The text in the top left is a bit distracting, it was the first thing my eyes went to. It seems like it is the focal point instead of the character. I would suggest making it less distracting.

The procreate logo is the second thing I noticed. I would make it a bit more transparent or remove it completely. The character looking at it makes it seem like a focal point.

I would focus on these two problems as right now you have to things that look like focal points on seperate sides of the photo.

This one is a bit more of a personal opinion but I think the character could stand out from the background just a tiny bit more. But I personally am not too great at GFX and its not that important because it already does stand out a little bit so take this with a grain of salt.

That aside I really like this GFX. It has a nice background, a good pose, and I like the shine of the blade. Great work! :grinning:

Looks good to me. Just remove the watermark if you get the chance. Nice!

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Yeah the text is supposed to distract you a bit, its a nametag banner. Thanks for the feedback!

Yep, like i said before ill remove it when i make a commission sheet.

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Is that a watermark on the top right corner? XD

Did you draw this or make it in Blender or something?

Its a logo of a software.

I made the character render from blender, then i added effects and made it look more drawn out in procreate

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Is that one of your avatars in that photo or is it just a random one?

Its the avatar of my main account.

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