Feedback on Bar/Restaurant

Hello Developers.

I’m building this bar/restaurant called “Gashina”. This is part of a map. Could I please get some feedback? I feel like it’s looking kind of bland ish. The main thing I would like feedback on is the ceiling and the lights. I literally just used a random model I had so the room wasn’t dark when I took the photo. I would also like some more feedback on the bar inside area. I made this idk bottle holder thing. The bottles I made in blender, yes, but like that’s all there is in there.

(Ignore the raindrop particles, gonna fix that later, sorry.)

Thank you for reading! Have a good day!


I think your build looks good. Nice job! I don’t really like the ceiling though. Maybe try something like one of these? If you change the ceiling you would probably have to change the lights. Also What type of restaurant is it?
image image


Thank you! I’ll definitely be be re doing the ceiling. It’s kind of a restaurant/bar type of chilling place that I need to take up space for this map I’m making. I didn’t want to go too detailed as the person wants the map under 8k parts and uh I’ve already got 9k and I still have some more to go :((. But hopefully the map gets accepted because I went all out on it. Thanks again for the feedback.

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It was no problem, good luck and I hope it gets accepted. :slight_smile:

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Hey! I really like the concept you’re going for, however, it feels very open and empty in places. I suggest breaking up the room with some pool tables or just comfortable couches, make the place feel more full. I also think the room behind the bar could be reduced, there’s a lot of room back there that really isn’t needed. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Greetings, your bar looks very similar to the bars in town of America, and I also appreciate the way you made your bar because it looks very cartoonish and lively-looking!

I would only suggest, if you could add some bottles for the counter or glasses of beer to make the counter have a more bar-looking appearance.

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Thanks man! Good thinking, I’ll definitely be sure to implement them as best I can. Thanks for the feedback :blue_heart:.

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Oh, I live in Australia so bars a lot different here(not that I’ve even really been to a proper one lol). Thank you!

Yes, that’s a really good idea. Thanks for the feedback man.

Like the street kind of restaurant really captures a nice taste, however it depends on what restaurant it is regarding known themes (American, Italian, French, ect.)

While the restaurant looks decent the outdoor atmosphere is good like the overall colors and materials used on it, however my main problem with it is the wooden material choice, I think it looks unappealing and kind of here and there, but since this is more of a chill kind of place where people talk and socializing what I’m assuming I think it’s good the lighting placed on the ceiling looks odd kind of has that outdoor wall light feel.

Consider featuring seating under an awning or objects to intense the feel of a restaurant. Perhaps a menu near the door as far the windows go, I recommend choosing a different style they kind of look like doors from my point of view. Other details to add in the interior area there could be a bunch, but just don’t overdo it things like plants, art, pictures and more.

Looking at images and see what suits your liking is a good way to choose different light selections. At the start looks decent.



First of all, big thank you for putting such an effort in giving me feedback! :blue_heart:

The map is for TypicalType’s, Silent Assassin. This is 1 out of 4 places in the map. The restaurant/bar is supposed to be in a kind of chill like building that serves food. The theme would probably be american, but if you can see my point of it just being a place for people to hide in the game, then ya you kinda know what I mean. I didn’t want to over do it as I’ve exceeded the part limit. Thank you. Yes, I do agree, the wooden material looks a bit weird. Yes indeed.

What do you mean by awning objects under the seating? That’s a good idea a menu. I was thinking of adding plants, but they’re a bit hard ish to make in studio and I’ve never tried them in blender(don’t really wanna use an FM either). But I really do wanna add plants some how.

Thank you!

New Roof(rip my part count lol)

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Sorry if I didn’t make it clear in my response.

I’m more talking about an awning cover over the seating keeping the sun from shining on the people that visit the place something you’ll see down your local place some restaurants and cafes feature this with outdoor seating underneath, it’s sometimes implemented on houses used for keeping the sun out of the way to relax and socialize with each other.

The improvements made look good I would perhaps add 2 - 3 more ceiling lights on the left side of the ceiling to make it less empty. Here is an image below to get a better idea on what I’m talking about if you still don’t understand.

Cafe Outdoor Awning


Ohhh. Thank you! Yes I understand now. Gonna work on it now, that’s also a good idea. Thanks again. :blue_heart:

Really great building, it looks sick and gives me the feeling of an actual bar. I just had one suggestion for this and that is to add a boombox or a jukebox.

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This looks really nice! I just have a few suggestions. The brick walls are slanted, which makes it slightly less realistic. Also, I can see you’ve used some images in your build which I think could be improved by adding a frame or something to make them seem more realistic like a real painting on a bar wall. Other than that, the build looks like an authentic bar and I think you should be really proud of it! :smiley:

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For me, This looks good! Maybe add some more detail to make it better!

That’s an idea! Thank you!!!
30 charsssss

Yeah, the brick walls can’t be fixed I don’t think. I unioned the windows to it and yeah unions sometimes mess up the texture so rip. Yes a frame, I actually have added one, just in the image I sent, you probably wouldn’t be able to see it. Thanks so much dude!

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Looks great!

However, I would fix a few things. First off, the lighting looks out of place and I see some dark spots. I’ve studied Architecture for 3 years and we learn that every inch of the room should be lit. There is a certain number of lights we need to put in a room, especially for a public space.

Aesthetically, I would fix the floor. It looks kind of dull in my opinion with the default fabric material. I don’t get that bar vibe I’m getting from your impression. It looks more like a dark store than a bar. I would incorporate more natural-looking wood or concrete for the floor since most bars in my area have either a wood-planked floor or just a wood floor.

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Thank you for the feedback! You are very true.