FeedBack on base model of cutscene!

Hey there! Currently working on some features for my 2.5D game overdrive! this is just a base model of a cutscene i’m working on. Camera system is totally different aswell as GUI, just the base model. Anything I can change?


will you make camera be fixed or u can move it freely?

Camera will be fixed! each level will have 1 camera that focuses on the whole room, and not the player.


I do not see a cutscene sadly. It’s more like a part when touched stops the character by anchoring the character or by turning the walking speed to 0. You can make it so that when you touch a part, 3 parts for the camera to move in as a guide that tween so every time the character poses it goes and shows the camera moving. Since you’ll make it fixed as well you need to make it look like a cutscene; it looks kind of like dialogue so it’s not clear enough to be considered as a cutscene.

You can try to change the camera angle and I’m not sure what you wanted to achieve here; do you want to have a cutscene where the camera moves or did you want to focus on the 2D primarily? It confuses me since you mentioned 2.5D.

Please elaborate more so everyone can understand more about it! Good luck developing!

Edit: I made a small prototype of how a cutscene with 3 cameras, it anchors the player once touched. You can experiment with it and see what matches your ideas!
CutsceneExample.rbxl (38.7 KB)

Good luck, and do let me know if there is anything else you wanted to point out! We need more 2D/2.5D games on Roblox!

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Hey there! thanks for responding, the camera is always fixed onto the room that the player is in. aka the level, and is not connect to the player, the player has no control during these cutscene as MoveTo: is moving the player and there will be characters and objects that they are talking to, or have to chase! of course if the player moves off screen the camera will be readjusted to the next room.
My main inspiration for these kinds of cutscenes is celeste.