Feedback on Basic Hotel

Hello!!! This is my first topic :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways so. I built a basic hotel it has 6 rooms (1 per floor)

And… Im a begginer builder so pls dont say it poorly built and it pretty basic i built that in like 2hrs :frowning:


Your hotel is really good! :+1:

You can add more to it though and its quite empty.

The outside doesnt look that pleasing, add some grass!

It seems to look that you might most or all of it out of plastic and it looks a bit weird to me.

If you were to sell this, it would be a good 80-100 R$ for me


Ye it dont finished i gonna use it for my hotel group :slight_smile:

For a beginner, great job! I would suggest adding maybe more color or detail to the outside and maybe more furniture on the inside


I like it, brings me back to the old times of building when there were no materials or colour. Retro kind of feel aha.


Well if you want feedback you should get used to people saying poorly built. It’s not poorly built just not enough detail. It’s nice and simple, but maybe less lights, raise the ceilings, add a rooftop pool, edit the lobby (plants, shops, etc…) and if your using it for a hotel group then it needs 4 more rooms. Most hotels have balconies as well.

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Good job! For a beginner, that looks really good. :smile:

However, you can add a few things to make it look nicer:

  • Add scenery on the outside.
  • Add some sort of textures or materials on the inside of the hotel.
  • Reduce some of the lighting near reception, the photo I saw in the staff area had a bit too much light.

Good job so far! :+1: