Feedback on basic low poly Glock model

I made this low poly Glock, what can I improve?

  • It is portfolio worthy
  • It isn’t portfolio worthy(Tell me why in the replies below)

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I am building up a low poly weapon portfolio, because commissions is something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Here are some images of it:

How could I make it better? What else does it need to look like a awesome low poly weapon?


The handle is a bit wide but other than that is spot on :+1:

@Rabbit_Lord I have updated it, by making the handle smaller and by adding a trigger(LOL), what do you think now?

@scriptinng that looks good to me! :+1:

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You should add more details like the slide release, and make the trigger guard part of the lower body.


Thank you, is this what you were talking about? and if so does it look good?

Perhaps you could add more grip to the handle? Something such as grip tape. Perhaps also a safety toggle?

Im sure I could get into all that stuff, but this is supposed to be optimized and low poly. This is that I was modeling off of. Do you think there is a need to do any further modeling?

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