Feedback on bedroom

This is a bedroom a built for my game. it’s supposed to be the starting place teleporter.


I think its good but theres a couple of things I would change. Firstly I would change the materials. The ceiling, floor and walls are all the same material which doesn’t look that good. Secondly I would play around with the colors of the walls. Lastly I would shrink the laundry basket, Its pretty big compared to the other furniture. Apart from that I think its good.

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The lighting is really bad, try using shadow mapping.

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It looks good just needs more detail.


I like it. The only thing that I don’t really like is that there is a lot of parts. Also, the material does not really make it look the best.

The chair is a free model, try making one! Anyways the black and white combination of the closest doesn’t fit in right.

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I like the detailed and the items, but what Turtle and Stranger said, the lighting and materials should change A lot, but everything else looks fair and nice. Nice job.



Overall it’s really nice, but there are things that could be polished up, like the floating office chair. I think the room has a good idea in mind, though. You could definitely experiment with different materials, since there’s a hefty amount of just wood texture. On top of that, like many other people have said, the lighting can be improved.

Hey there the bedroom looks good and the details make it look like an actual bedroom but I suggest you change the lighting and materials should change, but everything else looks good. I hope your game becomes popular and have a great day! @asunoandkrito

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I would change the material of the walls, other than that, looks great! Keep up the good work

Looks great! The only things I suggest is to either change the wall textures and color or to change the walls to look a bit like wallpaper. As well as I suggest for you to lower the window and maybe add some light fixtures. That’s about it, great job.

Personally, I think the build is ok. It could have been better. However, I would suggest adding more things to the bedroom and changing I personally think the textures on the walls and closet don’t look good. I would try changing those to a different color such as wood or brown you could try finding a color that doesn’t look like two white because it’s hard to see the handles.

Secondly, I feel like the door handle isn’t centered it’s quite lowered you could try adding some details onto the walls such as posters, pictures, wall shelves, etc. Overall, I wouldn’t feel it up with a bunch of details because it’s suppose to be a. Starting place but the minor improvements I said above I would try changing so it could look more interesting.

Overall it’s looking good so far.

needs graphics. like shadowmap or something.

It’s missing something… How about try adding some plants? :thinking:

i suggest that you use less free model’s

Your a great builder, keep it up! :smile:

I think new lighting would make it great.

Looks nice, try adding some shadows and resize the objects to a good size for an actual player. Keep the work up!

change some colors and textures but other than that its looks good

You could add a circular carpet and maybe some vegetation

I love the idea and design, it’s the execution that is poor.
Don’t make everything wood. Try and add planks and try different textures out.
Use better lighting. I would use the ambient feature to make it darker, then add a lamp of sorts/ceiling fan.
I would recommend not using free models like the chair in your build.

I look forward to seeing the changes!