Feedback on brand new drawing game

Hey! I just released a drawing game that i have been working on for a few days. How can i advertise this, and make it popular? Currently 0 players are playing it, and i need players for it to be playable.

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Well, I suggest you look for sponsors for your game or just simply buy Robux to advertise it.

i got over 44k robux right now, but im planning on just using 10-15k.

Great! With that amount of Robux, you can make an ad for your game. If you don’t know how to make it, there are tons of tutorials that will help you.

I can’t even test the game. As I was the only player, the game just never started. I joined a code, but the game started without anyone, and it just broke.

Games that rely on 2 players often fail at first because without others, the game is boring, so people will leave.

There’s also no visible monetization, so you’re not gonna make any money back. Unless you wanna dump 10k robux down the toilet, don’t advertise this game.

How would i do this then? It’s a drawing game, it has to be multiplayer. AI is probably one off the options, but it feels very difficult to script a AI that can draw.

Well unfortunately, drawing games are social by nature. There’s no getting around this.

That being said, I think the best way to promote your game would be to get streamers to play it with their fans. Doing this with ads running (for a steady flow of players) may be able to help boost your game.

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Thank you. I will do that. For the monetization issue, i will most likely add more gamepasses, and developer products that give you higher chances to win, but very little.

This would be seen as P2W. Drawing takes skill, so paying for an advantage is unfair.

Skill based games should reward players based on skill & dedication, so giving players in-game currency for playing gives them an incentive to keep playing.

The best ways to monetize skill-based games is cosmetics. You could:

  1. Have a premium currency to buy special cosmetics
  2. Have a gamepass to boost earnings
  3. Have a gamepass to access special drawing colors
  4. Custom prompts (these are popular in drawing games)

There are probably more ways, but these were all I could think of. A good rule of thumb is that purchases should help yourself but not ruin the game for others.

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