Feedback on BuffNoob

I made a buffnoob, dont know why, dont ask, im bored
time took to finish: 3 hours
made with roblox boy character and stuff it with ball mesh and pillows
here it is on “steroids”

Thanks for reading


waw thats good but maybe you can add Face? :smiley:

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yeah, probably but the decal made the face facing sideways so ill just leave it be :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestion

pretty cool, it will be nice if you could rig and animate it. may be used in a game, who knows? :thinking:


Could make an invisible head, slap the decal on the invisible head, and then move that invis head until it lines up with the real head? I don’t think it’s a real noob till we see it with the classic :> smile!

Otherwise cool! And weird! But cool!