Feedback On Build For RPG

Hello, I am currently making a game that takes place in the 1950s. I would much very like some feedback on these images.

Keep In mind It’s unfinished, I just want some feedback on how I’m doing so far and what I should change or anything like that.

EDIT: New Exterior

EDIT: New Interior


I like everything except for the sign I dont think it fits the style.
Anyways Keep Up The Great Work.


It all looks great but maybe change the background on the sign.
Very nice.I don’t know what advice to give. I don’t think it could have looked any better.



I like the design and the layout. However, I have a few concerns.

  1. Where is the actual bar part? It’s called The Betsy’s Bar for a reason. Right?

  2. The red and white colors on the chairs don’t fit in.

  3. All of the furniture styles are really mixed up. Stay with one style throughout your build.

  4. As what @ORLANDOMAGIC00 and @Sentinel_Dev are saying, the red, white, and blue sign doesn’t fit in with the building. Try to change the colors.

  5. The lights inside are way too bright.

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I really like it, it looks awesome!


I mean i kinda named it out of the blue tbh.
Thanks for the input on the rest of your questions.

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No problem! You can name it Betsy’s Diner instead. :smile:

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It’s really realistic, 1950’s vibes hitting me HARD. Is this some mafia game?

Cause you have a gun it seems ._.

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Hahaha, It’s an rp game with many features included whenever it’s released been working on it for quite a while, but takes place in 1954 small town In Nevada.

DM me the link when the game is done!!111

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This gives me more diner vibes rather than a bar.
The chairs don’t fit well with the tables and i feel like the lamps on the tables are really not necessary considering there are already lights hanging above them.
perhaps replacing the lamps with a condiment and napkin holder, example:


One word, amazing no matter how good I get I could never ever do that.

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Looks amazing! Super realistic.

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I find everything really cool, keep up the great work!

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This is insanely good! One thing that I would say is that I think the sign matched far better when it was red white and blue, it matched with the open sign, the white lining, all of that. Overall its amazing (I really like that car.)

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Great build chairs look weird tho… dunno whats going on with that weird red/white stripe

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Thank You! And for the feedback!

Nice, realistic. I have no suggestions but rather than adding street lights, and making it a bit more realistic using textures and stuff.

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darn man, you really went over the top with this build.

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