Feedback on build for Vibe Game!

Hi there! I was recently working on a cool map for a vibe game. The project was unfortunately scrapped, but I decided to keep the map as I think it is really cool!

Building Screenshots

Please give me feedback on this. I think I have done well, but I am sure there is more things I can improve on! :heartpulse:


Are you going for a retro 80’s feel, looks pretty nice! My suggestion is try dimming down the neon in some of the windows as it could possibly drown out the framing/details of it. (Referring to the last image of the window at the right.)
Also in the first image you can barely make out, “Vibe Hotel” as it’s a little too bright. Pretty nice!!

Yeah! I used lots of neon lights to really make it stand out but now I think of it it’s a bit too much haha. Thanks for your feedback!

Honestly, it’s a bit too purple. add some more grey or orange so the purple stands out and isn’t just everywhere. If that is a purple color filter, I would remove it. It makes everything way too purple.

Not trying to throw criticism at you or anything but I’m pretty sure that I can see some free models in these screenshots…

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Mhm! I intentionally made it all purple as it fits in with the theme of a vibe game. I normally would never do all purple as I don’t normally do vibe games. But thanks for the feedback! :heart:

The only free models are the beam lights as I don’t know how to create beams just yet. Apart from that, it’s made by me!

That would make sense. Many people are bad with foliage. I hope she cleaned them.

Did you clean your free models? They can have viruses in them and often do. Also, I would recommend changing the lighting setting to future as it is way more detailed than voxel and shadowmap and will add to the general aesthetic of the build.

Mhm! I double checked them for any viruses. A few years back I spammed free models and most of my games got took down for inappropriate things caused by viruses. I learned my lesson haha!

I would also play around with what you can do with future lighting. It might make beam lights easier and generally improve the game’s aesthetic.

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image image image image image

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perhaps she forgot to remove those.

Yeah, noticed roblox has been doing more phases for future lighting so may have to test that out!

ooo vibe hotel ?! Looks nice i’ll be happy if this is a game that has some lofi music !

Unfortunately scrapped the idea as we didn’t have time for scripting!

This was actually an old game of mine.

It was a scrapped project for Polar Games. You helped with scripting and UI Design and I helped out with building.

I’m sure @AdamPlayzTwit and @FluxRBLX helped with this though?

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