Feedback on "Build It, Play It Challenges"

All the tutorial series in “Build it, Play it Series” contain placefiles that are no longer available for download. the pages need to be updated to contain asset URLs for the placefiles.

Affected URL: Build It, Play It Challenges | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub


Hello @Maxx_J ! Can you link me to a page that references a place file you’re unable to download?

Thank you! When you click the Download Template button in those examples, what happens for you?

When you click the download template button you will download the rbxl file for the game, for Mansion of wonder and Island of move it will open studio and show the template page without the Island of move or Mansion of wonder games.

Yeah, my apologies for the misreporting. This is exactly what happens.

  • Mansion of Wonder
  • Island of Move

These two templates are currently missing the option to download their templates.

In the past when I used to click on the “Edit in Studio” buttons of these pages, I’d be sent back to the home page.

But now that I’m trying again, I’m facing another issue where I’m forced to log in again, despite not having signed out, and the page yielding indefinitely after having “completed” my login.

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This specifically

Hello @TooManyOveralls

The issue with “Edit in Studio” is also present on this webpage

For “Mansion of Wonder” and “Move It Simulator” specifically.

The new FPS and laser tag templates also haven’t been added to this page yet.

Hello @Maxx_J and @Trl0_P90 ,

Thank you very much for the extra information, this will help me with testing. The team and I are currently looking into this to see what might be happening, but in the meantime, you can edit a copy of both Mansion of Wonder and Island of Move here:

Also wanted to update you both that the Templates page now includes the two new templates added last week :slight_smile: Hope to have an update on the “Edit in Studio” button for you soon.