Feedback on build

Hello, recently I have been building a lobby for my game. It has a combination of easy and hard obbies. This map is not 100% finished but is close enough to be rated. I am looking for any kinds of feedback that would help my make my map look better.


I think if you were to change anything, it would be adding more “lobby”. Right now there’s maybe 70% obby and 30% lobby—by adding more room around the center and balancing the ratio I think you could make it even better :+1:


I think the lobby is super good, but you can also add some shops, so you know, when you come close to them, the shop is opening. You can also make some little awards if a player finished obby. In my opinion, you don’t need to make larger obby. I like it very much.

I really like the style of this map.

If I could suggest anything, it would be to not add anything else to the lobby as it might make things look cluttered.

Simple but looks pretty nice, could add a few more details.

Yeah looks very nice add a little more details keep up the good work!

What kind of details are we talking about here? Where should I add details?

i will suggest you to make to lobby a bit bigger

I like how unique this lobby looks. Although, I do think that the blocks in the obby is a bit too bright. Maybe lower the glow down so that it doesn’t hurt peoples eyes when playing it.

Thoughts on the current build.

This is a marvelous build, gives a new vibe from obby’s that were once so popular. A unique song in the background that is of it’s own style and in my own feeling, is original to the game which I love.

What I think you should add/fix.

I think for starters you should change this, although I know why you did it… this can get quite annoying if someone forgets this is here so I’d recommend if you want that there, put a sign on the side of the brick stating, Watch out, there's a ditch here!, people would laugh at that, especially if they can bait their friends into falling into the ditch.

I would definitely make these obbies, all four of them longer or have them be mini-ones to a more massive obby as I completed all four of them in less than ten minutes. I would highly recommend keeping them the same but adding more stages to them.
I would also add more music to the games soundtrack.
I state this because no matter how long you stay there, the one song repeating can get quite annoying.
I’d work on the scripts soon
I see that you have your map stating it’s not 100% finished but I do recommend working on the scripting ahead of time because once that’s done, all you have to do is add more items into the game to make stuff bigger or longer. Scripting will take a bit longer as you can probably tell.

Looking for any final thoughts!


Hi there so here are some of my ideas hope this helped. Feel free to reply with more question. Thanks from John! :smiley:


  • Neon Brick - personally that doesn’t fit in my opinion maybe make it like mossy cobble stone or a gem or something?

  • Islands in back drop

  • Fog

  • Sun Rays