Feedback on Build

Hello, recently I have been building a small lobby type map for my game. The purpose of the map is just for the sights/views. In the real game this map will be used as an intermission map. These type maps will only appear for 25-45 seconds every so rounds and stuff. The players will be teleported to the map to just walk around and view the area. Any feedback on the map is wanted.

The game is located here:
[ MAP - Roblox ]


Looks like a pretty nice lobby, though I would change one thing. Maybe instead of making the entire island like a big rectangle, I think you should make it all wavy like an actual island. You could work with Roblox terrain with this, or use the negate tool. This is what I mean by, “Wavy.”

Now you don’t have to actually create it like I did, but this is just an example. Overall, the lobby looks pretty nice.

I would encourage you to use consistant terrain throughout. What I mean is that the mountains in the background are meshes that have slopes, and slants, (not flat terrain) The islands however are pretty flat, and do not mimic the surrounding.

Also I reallt love the aesthetic and the general building style of the map, one pretty minute detail is just the “hut” at the end of the dock seems a little less detailed than the rest of the island.

Other than those small changes, I think it looks really nice. Keep it up.


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I would change the skybox, or are those just clouds? Either way I don’t think it fits the tone of the build, but other than that, I actually have no issues with the style of the map, looks pretty cool

Your map has interesting terrain features. Though the map is in all great but my suggestion to make it better is to make your lobby map have more light. As we see, this is an intermission map so people play your game will probably stay there until the next round so its best to apply more light on the map. In all, good job.

Well, I love how you used the colors and the design of the island, though I would like to encourage you to change the brightness and the skybox, maybe make the neon a bit stronger and reduce the brightness to around 0.3.