Feedback on Building-esque game

Good morning, afternoon and evening devforum members!
Recently I started a solo project of a building game similar to Minecraft (obviously as development moves, its not gonna be heavily Minecraft inspired), and I wanted some public feedback from the devforum community! So far the game only supports PC, Console and (possibly) tablet, but I left mobile access open incase anyone wants to try. I will probably close the game up again after 12 hours or so, due to me preferring having WIP projects privated until release.

Game link: BloxIt - Roblox

(also apologies for any typos or the lack of text - creativity block and tiredness are not a good mix, plus if its the wrong category, I’ll move it lol)

The spawning takes an awful lot of time for such a small map. Also, the sword’s handle is wrongly rotated. Day/night cycle could be slowed down. Thing is about these games, is that anybody can grief, without any effort. It’s like the Build To Survive games, except anybody can delete your base in seconds.

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I am gonna add systems to prevent base griefing, plus forgot to slow down the day/night cycle before publishing lol. About the sword - it’s now in my notes for fixing lol, the sword I glossed over and just copied Robloxs LinkedSword script for ease. Definetly will get to work tonight :+1:

Plus for the map issue - It waits 0.2 seconds for each row, since I didn’t really wanna put a hefty load on the server on startup (I don’t believe Roblox servers are very good for rendering around 1k 4x4x4 stud parts at once)

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