Feedback on building front desk room


So I made a front desk room in the entrance of an investigator building I’m making. I feel like it’s done but at the same time I feel like it’s a few adjustments wouldn’t hurt and so I’d like feedback on it.

Any feedback is much appreciated!


I think the yellow on the lighting is too harsh, a color closer to white would fit better. Also, the walls have nothing on them. Adding some paintings, shelfs, or something else would make the room feel more full. Aside from the things I mentioned, it looks great. Good use of textures.

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Took your advice, what do you think now? :slight_smile:

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It still looks yellow. Turn it to white.

It is white now lol.

I’m confused on how do you see yellow here??

I see that is is very yellow… I hate to say that you can’t see it, but mabye you got used to the yellow and think it’s normal. Anyway, there must be something emitting yellow in there, it is very strong. That’s my feedback.

Ohhhh, I see what you mean now. The so said Yellow still there is actually the color correction in my game since it’s a horror one and to give it a little creepy old-ish aesthetic, I made the tint color slightly yellow. Everything itself is white but with the effect, it doesn’t get better than this.

With it:

Without it:

Besides the little misunderstanding, I’m assuming everything looks fine?