Feedback on Building

I’m making a game lobby for a game that I was making. (I’m not much of a builder, but a starting scripter.), and I notice that the lobby looks very bland. I have tried adding some sunrays and bloom, but it still looks very bland. Perhaps, I should scrap the sunrays and blon and add buildings, or a new skybox?

Here are some pics :


With the very little work you provided, I can somewhat manage to come up with some ideas. I love the idea of floating islands though. I would appreciate it, and I’m sure others would as well if the next time you posted, you had more to share rather than something as empty as what you presented. :sweat_smile:


  • Trees tress tress, add some trees around the place and make it more livid, along with that possibly some bushes. Also, I’d make the main starting place much larger as it seems rather small.

  • Also not to forget, add some other buildings and possibly statues around to make it give that feeling I would assume you were wanting to go for with the rome-ish looking first build. You can also even connect the islands together with a bridge for players to walk on. Perhaps, you can had a little obby nearby for players to go on whilst waiting for a gamemode or something to load.


  • Some of the trees you can add are endless, although some note worthy ones I’ll list right here are Cherry Blossoms, Oak Trees, and possibly Palm Trees. I believe those three types of trees would be the most popping and vibrant to go along with your starting project of a lobby.

  • To go along with the islands, you could possibly add a waterfall that comes down from the side of a island, or even add a little river that slowly rides along the island to eventually the edge to form a waterfall. I think this would be a nice touch to add for your lobby.

  • Time for the skybox… The skybox I would suggest adding, which it’s my go-to skybox for simple happy builds such as this is of course, Light Blue Skybox HD. I think it would go nice for this lobby and fits in perfectly!

Overall, I hope you have a great time building and continuing this project you’ve started. Nothing but the best of wishes for you going forward! :wink:


Not bad but what are you going to with it… maybe like Famous Ancient Roman Structures or you gonna make something else on a future building

As someone already mentioned, trees would be a nice addition to the game. You could maybe also add a shop, related to the game that you’re making or a couple of npc’s that players can interact with that introduces them to the game. Depending on what the game is about, you could also add a small area in the lobby where players can interact in a small mini game such as spleef.

It reminds me of one myth building that kind of structure, but overall, great working.

To sum up, you need to add some more details, for example, adding some water and more buildings in there to make it look better.

It’s a good start to a lobby however you should consider finishing it off as there’s not much we can comment on. I’d recommend decorations and textures in the lobby to give it a nice theme. You should consider adding textures to the pole to give it a nice look depending on what type of game you’re going for. Overall, it’s a decent start to a lobby and I wish you good luck with your game!

I agree with the fact that you just mentioned.

I have alot of idea for what you can do here.
Add lots of trees.
Maybe make floating islands and have a parkour course going around the main map which could also be floating islands.(I will post a pick later because I’m away from home.
Also add some ruined Roman columns.
Make the main structure on a hill and have pathways running down.
(Just coming up with ideas off the top of my head so take them with a grain of salt):+1:

I think a sunset/sunrise would look nice for the sky box. I also think using sun beams would complement the skybox. I would also suggest using bloom. As for the building I would add trees and a waterfall.