Feedback On Buildings I've Done After A 2 Year Break

hi!!! :point_up:

recently i have gotten a new computer, the one i had before was struggling with roblox studio, so i stopped building at all.
but i am back and i’ve build these buildings to try myself.

first thing i built, it’s a govt building i found on google street view, thought it looked fun
took like two days with longer breaks

second building, also found it on street view, in the same city… like 500 meters behind the one above… :face_with_peeking_eye: took a day and a half (with breaks)

what do you think?


For a 2 year break I think this is insanely good! However, even if it’s detailed so much, it still lacks color. Maybe try adding some color variety here and there and maybe also adding some flora here and there.


thank you very much! i feel like picking out fitting colors is very difficult for me, so i’ll try working on that as much as i can :heart_decoration:

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Did you use studio or any other modelling software?

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everything was made in studio ^.^

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Wow. Truly amazing. Good job on the designs!

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Great! Looking forward to seeing this after some texture variety and style is added!

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