FeedBack on Bus Stop hangout game

This is the first-ever project I have actually finished. The game is just a hangout genre. I made custom seating positions for every seat. To have the game looking at its best please turn your graphics all the way up.

Please give me feedback, maybe music or any atmospheric changes.
Thank you

Here is the game:

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Its a long time since I used a bus and this but stop does not seem to me to be like ones I have seen whilst using my car or walking.
Two things I missed are:

  1. No time table. I don’t know how long I am likely to have to wait for a bus.
    You could use a bus to reset the ‘donations’ list. That is if you get any.
  2. No advertising board. You could one of these to make the wait more entertaining and maybe you will get some donations for your efforts.
    I did like the pillow.
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