Feedback on Byrón, a upcoming restaurant

Greetings everyone. I am gonna introduce you my upcoming restaurant Byrón, which I would like to have some feedback on, before I release it to the public.

It’s a island type of restaurant, with many unique things such as a road coming through, high decoration detail etc. It’s built by me and my friend IxSynix.


This is really amazing, I love how detailed and realistic it is. All I would do to this would be to raise the tunnel in the third picture. It looks kind of caved in, but overall this is great, great job! :clap:

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Thank you, I will fix that as soon as I can.

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Is it a chill restaurant? I like chill games and I would play it even if it isn’t

What does that mean? I guess it’s chill yea. :sweat_smile:

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i mean like i like clam games just relax and stuff ! Ill play it :slight_smile:

Wow, this looks really realistic. I will make sure to play it when its out. Keep up the good work. :+1:

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Ofc it is, just order your food and relax as a customer. And you can apply as a worker too, so you do the stuff for the customers.

It looks great, very detailed. Though, I find the Mute Music/Skip buttons out of place.

Does the game have cool sit animations?

Thanks and LOL, it’s in studio only, it fixes in game. :slight_smile:

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Uh, I am not sure what it means, but it will have eat animations, and sit animations I guess. Lol.

Yay I’ll play it then for sure !

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It looks great. I love the colours you’ve used they go well with one another. I like the amount of detail and the architectural work you have done is superb.

I do have one suggestion however, the lights you have made for the ceiling feel overused. It feels rather busy. I would consider removing some of the ceiling lights or even changing them up to add variation to the build.

This is absolutely a builder’s best creation. I love everything! I love how you designed it very well, the atmosphere, furnitures modelling and more. Words can’t express how shocked I am.

Overall, excellent job!

True, I will do some vents etc to replace some of them. Thanks!

Thank you so much! Love to hear that!

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This looks amazing, I can’t wait to play it when it’s finished!

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This is the perfect build for the modern day Roblox industry games. The use of textures appropriately and the custom register/order system really makes it feel at home. However, I feel that there can be a few improvements.

  • In this image, it looks like the water doesn’t really blend with the island. It may just look like this from afar, however if not it should be fixed/leveled out.

  • I know you have already stated that the GUI positions itself in the actual game, however I feel like there should be a custom menu which has the ability to mute/skip music, the credits, a shop, or whatever you feel like.

  • The beach could have some beach chairs or outside seating to make it feel like a beach. Right now, it just looks like a few boats sitting on some sand.

  • Quick question, do the TVs in image 6 display anything? If not, you could totally make it display the person’s current order/status of it. Judging you have a system like SB, it could show if the order has been claimed/being cooked or if the person has no current orders.

  • I won’t restate the comments about lighting stated by @Cosmosify above, however in image 6 (with the TVs), it does not looks as lit as the photo of the kitchen or ordering areas.

Other than that, it looks amazing! Good luck to your group. :heart:

Thanks for all that feedback, I really appriciate it! And the shop guis will be added once I get all my food done, and I am gonna use ROBLOXs video future to display moving stuff on the tv’s for the customers. And I will be sure to do everything you said, and thank you so much!