Feedback on Cafe Build

Hello! I would appreciate some feedback/criticism on a small corner-shop cafe I have made, so far it’s just a showcase game as I haven’t made the interior design yet, but I would be grateful for feedback on it.


Looks Nice! Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated


It is looking really good so far however I have a few recommendations. The white windows are kind of repetitive I’d suggest adding some details to some of the windows; such as a fire escape or a garden box. Also, the section of yellow to the left of the door is quite empty, and I would suggest possibly if the cafe has a logo adding it to make the wall feel less empty and more cohesive with the rest of the build. Besides that the table and chairs look really well made, so do the windows, and the proportions are spot on which in my experience is lacking in a lot of cafes recently.


It looks good overall although in my personal opinion it looks more like an apartment building then a cafe. I also don’t really like the colors and I also think the text on the front could be smaller… besides those, I like it!

  • Best of luck, Wolf

Looks good overall, for one, idk why but, the top part of the cafe building reminds me of blocks of cheese…:joy:

Jokes aside, the font can be stylised, in a more calligraphic way, you can add some windows at the yellow brick wall at the left while making the “white window wall” the same yellow colour, you can also add a hanging signboard on top of the ceiling, that says “Elise’s Cafe” with a cafe themed logo in the same yellowish colour…

Add some asthetic to it if you want, flower beds, plants, bushes, a car park, street lamps, a walkway path to the cafe, and so on…