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I recently created a restaurant/cafe build. I wanted a clean-looking yet detailed look. I have the exterior and interior seating finished. My goal is to add some simple decorations because rows of seating doesn’t look very aesthetic. I want to hear what y’all think would be good decorations that wouldn’t detract from the build’s style (a lush plant might ruin the feel).

Please don’t limit your suggestions to what I can add - feel free to suggest bug fixes or design changes! I’d also love it if you could give an estimate of what this would be worth (I’ve already calculated it based on hourage spent producing the build, I want your opinion).

Link to Build: Build - Roblox


Note: Playing the game gives a more realistic view of the build (that should be obvious :laughing:)

As you can see in my final picture, there are about 2 tables that I still haven’t placed.

Thanks for your time!


There are some things that I’d like to point out:

  1. I can see from here that the windows aren’t inline at all.
    As you can see here, the middle one in the circled area’s pushed inside.

  2. The seating could definitely use a remake. The double-seaters look like park benches and the chairs look really basic comparing to the seater. If you’re working on sets then you might as well start considering making them in one style.


  1. The stairs are built incorrectly. If you squished them more and made sure that there are equal spaces between them, they’d look amazing.


Other than that, I wish you luck with finishing it up!


It’s pretty good, though I suggest fixing this:
If you couldn’t tell, I was talking about the separation of each glass block, which could be fix by using unions.

Also, it looks a bit unrealistic when the stairs don’t haven any stands.
I wish you the best of luck!


Overall, its a pretty clean build. The blue and white compliment each other well as a colour scheme. There are a few things I think could be improved though:

  • You’ve got one rounded glass wall here by the counter which looks good, but just on the other side, its a sharp blue corner (2nd pic). I think it’d be better if you had both be rounded at the very least, for the sake of consistency.

  • You’ve got two different styles of tables and chairs; most of them are as below, and they retain the white and blue colour scheme of the cafe, which is good. The other style is plain blue benches next to blue and white tables. It might work better if you had some white added as a compliment to those seats to match.

  • Each individual stair is separate from each other rather than being connected to each other by a railing or something. That means they’re effectively hanging off the glass.

  • The lighting upstairs vs the lighting downstairs is very different; downstairs is well lit but upstairs its dark (see images). I would add some better lights to the top.


  • Speaking of the lighting by the way, there’s no physical lamps or lights to justify it. You may want to add some actual lights so that there’s a reason for areas to be lit the way they are.

Aside from all of that, its still a decent build.

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Raise up the ceilings and make the building a little bigger. The downstairs wasn’t too cramped, but the upstairs everything seemed to be shmushed together. Also, maybe add in some more lighting and designs to give it more detail.

It’s good but I can obviously see how rough is the curved glass and wall.
Not very smooth to be honest.

image could use some some texture image and maybe fix the lighting

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Looks good but some stuff aren’t inline

Overall the build, looks pretty good here is a few things that can be fixed.

My Suggestions

  • You’ve got a couple of windows that are opened. And not scaled right as you can see below the windows have opening spots, on the sides of them and there not connecting to the other window parts! i think it’d be better if you scale them more and fill in the little gaps.


  • On the wooden floor it looks like, you’ve put to many parts on the floor piece as you can see the parts are glitching through the other floor. Parts i would suggest you fix those so they can look a little better!!

(2nd floor)

  • When you hit the side of the building blue part. It seems like you glitch through the wall inside of the chair i would fix that as you can below, (2nd Picture) In one of the blue long chairs the set is faced backwards. It would be better if you fixed that…


  • Each of the blue parts, on the building has a little opening on the side i would fix that so it will be connected to each other building. Piece you could use a plugin to fill in the gaps on the side!!

(2nd Pic)




  • I would suggest you add some more lights lamps to the ceiling part, it’s some dark spots on the floor part and on the tables/chairs/walls. From all of that the building looks really decent hope to see more! of your work soon.
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Alright, your cafe is pretty unique, so I applaud your creativity on the architecture. I think it has potential to really interest a lot of visitors and guests. I got a few ideas for decor for ya, so lets get started!

Menu/ Register
First off, I noticed is that there is no menu. Second, the register is more so for fast food restaurant rather than cafe. In a cafe, I’d like to see a pastry display, 2 registers at most. I noticed this counter was done to fill the length of the wall but it will do covering half the wall center or any side.

Refined Atmosphere
Your building and furniture style focus on very rounded architecture, blue and white highlights, and open windows. So this gives off a seafood-like atmosphere to me. I would definitely add a fish tank, and green highlights (house plants, bamboo, etc.). I would also add darker woods, maybe for the counter or ceiling. Think sushi bar, I feel like it would suite the architecture and colors well, but thats your call.

Perhaps, instead of the center room as seating you use it as a kitchen. This would add a component necessary to any cafe and it would be interesting for your guests.

Table Toppers
Salt shakers, mini plants, napkins, plates, little details.

Misc Details
Lights, railing on 2nd floor, outdoor ambience, steering wheel (if going with sea theme)


Those are all awesome ideas, I will absolutely implement them! As for the seafood restaurant idea, my plan was to sell this build and let them make it fit their restaurant type. I don’t want to lose possibly buyers because I made it seafood. Otherwise, those are helpful suggestions, thanks!


Alright fantastic! I knew that seafood would likely not fit the users original idea. I thought it’d be worth mentioning because a sea-based style would pair well with the colors, shape, and wood planks texture.

Regardless your build will be amazing without that direction. But if you are selling it, I would get a sense for the theme or style the buyer is going for, so that you could build some more personality into it. The theme will define a lot of decorations.

Anyway, Best of luck! Great creation, look forward to some more of your work!

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Most of the improvements I can think of have already been mentioned in this thread, however not many people have told you how to implement some of these changes so I’ve got some tips.

In your build, I see a decent amount of z-fighting (a.k.a block flickering.)
This occurs when several parts are occupying the same space and the game cannot decide which texture to render on top, causing the textures to rapidly pop in front of each other causing a very unpleasant flickering effect.
This is usually a pretty simple fix however!
All that is required is that you select all of the parts causing the z-fighting, and union them together through the model menu or by right clicking and selecting union. Voila!

Secondly, I’d like to address the curved window that several people have already mentioned in this thread. Pointing out the gaps and seams in this window is easy to do, but in terms of actually fixing it, I can understand that lining up complex angles and seams like this can be pretty hard! This is why I never do this by hand, and instead use one of these methods:

I can’t tell you just how absolutely amazing this plugin is for creating specific curves or angles. It is by far one of the most used plugins in my inventory, and although intimidating at first, once you’ve got the hang of it you will be creating curves like a pro!

After installing the plugin, follow the steps below to create the curve for your window:

  1. Select a part with archimedes open and select through the 6 axis options until the guideline part is on the proper face that you’d like to start the curve with. You may need to use the Invert and Flip buttons to make sure it’s on the proper face.
  2. Set an angle for your curve. This part may be daunting if you’re trying to get an exact curve. It may take some messing around with the part length and the angles to get the curve exactly how you want it, but archimedes automatically lines up the edges of your parts so that there is no seam.
  3. Press the Render Once button to render a part into the current guideline part. If you’re confident in your angle, press this a few times until your curve is complete. Alternatively, you can press Render Circle and it will render parts with the same angle until you reach your start point again, then delete the excess parts.

If this looks a little daunting, or maybe you don’t have too much time on your hands to learn the ins and outs of archimedes, you can also use this simpler albeit less expandable option to create your curve.

If you’re already somewhat familiar with solid modelling, do this:

  1. Insert a Cylinder part into your workspace.
  2. Resize the cylinder so that the edges of your parts are flush with the sides of the cylinder, like so:
  3. Duplicate your wall and the cylinder, and drag it to the inside of your wall so that it only leaves the curve you want visible: (Make sure to resize them vertically a little bit so that any overlapping bits get negated)
  4. Negate the new circle and wall (pictured in Blue), then select the entire piece and union them together:
  5. Be proud of the clean curve you have created! Making things like this on roblox is a real feat and you’re another step closer to becoming a master builder!

I hope this reply was useful and that I have taught you, or any future readers something that they can take with them on their learning experience. Thank you! :v:


Thanks for the suggestions! Fyi, Archimedes 2 was used for all of the curves. Any holes or gaps were created when I tweaked the height, probably. I’ll keep the curve method in mind.

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