Feedback on cafe build

Hi! I am a new builder looking for feedback on this cafe I just finished. Thanks!


Looks clean, modern, and organized! The texture and designs of the cafe looks very well and suits with the other parts of it.


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\Looks great but I’d suggest adding in a sphere at the end of the pipe to make them look like they connect more naturally.


I like the overall design of the place, it feels way too open, however, I feel like there is a lot more you could add to the interior as it looks rather empty, however I think it’s still not finished.

If the cafe is finished, I would suggest detailing it up a bit by adding the decorations, as by looking at the image it’s really unfinished I do believe you could add tables, menu, restrooms, sign, ect. However, I think that another thing that you should try to work on is using the inspiration for your work. Since you’re making a cafe or look at existing builds and images of the things that you are trying to build.

The design looks great I would recommend to add the final details to the cafe such as the equipment, chairs, lights, and more so it could have the resemblance of a Cafe. For a better design I would explore other Cafe’s and see what you could improve.


it looks great but just check if the scaling for the doors are right, as you don’t want them to be too tall or short

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Not bad! Needs more textures though! Also add more to the front of it! That will make it look nice.

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Looks good! I feel like it could be a little bigger maybe, but other than that its very modern and I like it.

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First of all great job on the Café. I can instantly tell that is a Café, which means it fits the theme, the colors, the forms and shapes and textures are pretty nice. I can’t wait to see what the end product will be after you add furniture!



In my opinion, in the first picture the outside pillars could be a little shorter (primarily the pillar in the image below)

Hope this helps!

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I feel like it’s basic and could use more exterior detail, maybe search up images online, or reference off other builds.
although keep in mind, this is just my opinion.

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I like it. It looks really nice and fits together perfectly. Good work!


Hey! :wave:

Firstly, I’d like to point out this is a great build for a new builder, and you should really be proud of yourself! However; there are some certain parts of the build that could use improvement.

  • In the first picture, try lowering down the white pillars and see how that turns out! Maybe scale the roof a bit more to make it thicker.

  • When we enter, we’ll most likely immediately notice those gigantic pipes in the ceiling! Although their design looks brilliant, try possibly making them thinner and add more detail to the roof (interior wise) such as lights, creative designs etc.

  • The texture doesn’t for what I believe is the kitchen (last screenshot), does not match the rest of the building. Try possibly changing its texture?

Other than that; the building looks fantastic and original. Keep up the great work! Have a great day!

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